Top baccarat games with the lowest house edge


Casino players love baccarat for its simplicity, thrill, and low house edge. It is even more likely that players will win online playing baccarat games as the house edge is even lower. Casinos have a mathematical edge over players. Casinos use it to estimate their potential profits from players over the long run. Games with a higher house edge are more profitable for the casino, while lower house edges offer players a better chance of winning. Knowing the house edge allows players to find games with better odds.

Baccarat squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming offers one of the lowest house edges at just 1.06% on banker bets. This live dealer online baccarat game builds up the suspense and thrill by slowly revealing the cards to the players. Squeeze betting allows players to increase their wagers as the dealer reveals the card values. With industry-leading video streaming quality and gameplay features like side bets, roadmaps, and statistics, Baccarat Squeeze provides an immersive game experience.

Speed baccarat

As its name suggests, Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming offers faster gameplay, completing rounds in just 27 seconds. It means more betting opportunities per hour for players which translates to bigger winning potential. The house edge is set at 1.06% on banker bets, on par with standard baccarat games. Players make their bets before the dealer closes wagers when cards are dealt face up. If you prefer swift, intense baccarat action, Speed Baccarat is a perfect choice.

Controlled squeeze baccarat

Another popular squeeze baccarat variant is Controlled Squeeze Baccarat by Evolution Gaming. Like Baccarat Squeeze, the dealer slowly squeezes cards to build anticipation during every round. What’s unique in Controlled Squeeze is that players control how quickly or slowly the squeeze occurs via an interactive progress bar. So, you get to customize the reveal pace according to your preference. With the same competitive 1.06% house edge on banker bets, this enhanced squeeze mechanic gives you an extra level of fun and excitement.

No commission baccarat

Banker bets winning in standard baccarat games are subject to a 5% commission. But some online casinos like offer no commission baccarat, where this fee replaces slightly worse banker bet payouts. Effectively, the house edge remains equally low at around 1.06% whether you play commission or no commission baccarat. Without the 5% fees eating into profits, no commission baccarat allows you to score bigger wins when betting on the bankers. To understand the winning payout differences, check the click reference before playing.

Lightning baccarat

Lightning Baccarat incorporates electrifying side bets like Dragon 7, Big/Small, Suit, and Pairs into the classic game. When you bet on the Dragon 7 side bet and the bankers win with a total of 7 points consisting of 3 cards and a margin of victory greater than 4 points, you stand to win a huge payout of 30 to 1 or more! The main baccarat bets still have a regular house edge of 1.15% while some side bets have a slightly higher edge. While the odds on side bets are long, the chance to win mega payouts makes Lightning Baccarat insanely thrilling.

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